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Click here to download the latest version of rcRacingEvents.com's Finish Line Scoring application.

When it comes to running an R/C boat race, most of the tasks involved in putting the race together have been done by hand or by using multiple software programs (i.e.. One for the race flyer, one for the entries, another for the scoring, etc.) this can cost a club massive amounts of time.  rcRacingEvents.com has brought all of these tools together in one place and developed a comprehensive, full featured, race management system that allows the sponsoring club the ability to do everything involved in putting on an R/C boat race with just one program.

First we offer our Race CentralTM online race registraion. This directs all entrants to one central place to enter your race. This is the entrance to our race management software for the public.  It allows them to pay for the event online via Paypal or just send in a check.  It also provides you with a complete accounting printout that tells you who has paid, who has not and their method of payment.  As the racers enter your race, they are visible to anyone that wants to see who will be there racing and what classes they are in, this helps build interest in your race. When it’s time for your next race, all you have to do is 1 simple step and you can invite all the racers from your last race via e-mail to your new race. With rcRacingEvents.com helping you, you can be sure that you are reaching out to the R/C racing community and that your event will get maximum attention and publicity!
We make managing your race entries easy. All of the online entries are automatically sent to the R/C RaceMasterTM program and here is where you set up the classes, heats and rounds, the program will automatically randomize the racers within each class, so the racers are not racing the same people in each consecutive round. You can also choose how many boats you want in a heat for each class.  It will also provide you with printed racer heat sheets, CD sheets, pit boss sheets, scoring sheets and racer check in sheets.  All this and more, to make your race run smoother.
Scoring your event is just as simple using our FinishLine ScoringTM program, it is a complete scoring program that you have on your laptop at the race, you score your event as the heats occur and you can either post the scores online in real time (with an Internet connection) as the heats end, at the end of the racing day or at the completion of the event.  You can also print the score sheets at the race site, to provide the racers with updated totals as rounds are completed.  At the end of the event, one simple keystroke will upload all of the scoring to our website and be available for everyone to see.

Promoting your racing event is just as important to us as it is to you. We are listed in all the important search engines so when you host your R/C racing event with rcRacingEvents.com you can be sure that the R/C boat racing community will know about it. 


Getting started is easy. Simply make a few choices, complete a few information fields and your done! You can be up and accepting on line entries in minutes!